Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts for presentations in the following sections:
1. Attitude Dynamics and Control
2. Orbital Dynamics and Determination
3. Spacecraft Guidance, Navigation and Control
4. Mission Design and Optimization
5. Satellite Constellations and Formation Flying
6. Optimal Control in Space Flight Dynamics
7. Attitude Sensors and Actuators
8. Space Structures and Tethers

Associated events for DyCoSS’ 2017:
Announcement of the 1st IAA Workshop on Space Flight  Mechanics to be held in 2018 at RUDN-University.
Highlight lectures by distinguished researchers.
Sightseeing program - discover Moscow as the city blossoms on the verge of summer.

Program Committee Co-Chairs
1. Yury Razoumny, Russia
2. Filippo Graziani, Italy
3. Anna D. Guerman, Portugal
4. Jean-Michel Contant, France.


Organized by

Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia (RUDN-University)

International Academy of Astronautics

American Astronautical Society

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3rd IAA Conference on Dynamics and Control of Space Systems
May 30 - June 1, 2017, Moscow, RUDN University